Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cali in Marbles

Monday we went to Marbles in Raleigh. It is an AMAZING kids museum! Cali had a blast! She spent 2 hours running all over the place playing with toys. Most of the pictures are of her back because she wouldn't stay still long enough to get her picture taken.

Off she goes!

Dr. Cali

She LOVED the water section. She loved it so much that we had to change her cloths before we went to the next area.

Cali loved to play in this red car. She spent most of the time in the back seat while random kids "drove" her around.

There was an entire room filled with yellow and green balls. Cali was in awe!

Surfer Girl Cali

Cali the dancing queen

We all had a blast and will go back!

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