Wednesday, June 23, 2010

16 Months Old!

Today Cali is 16 Months Old!
Where has the time gone? We now have a toddler running all over our house, getting into everything.

Cali Stats:
  • 21 lbs 31 inches long
  • Sleeps 7:30pm to 7:00am
  • Takes one 1-2 hour nap
  • Loves to drink milk
  • Wears size 3 diapers
  • Wears size 4.5 -5 shoe
  • Wears 12-18 month clothes
  • Loves to eat cookies, Macaroni n Cheese, sandwich meat, peas, pancakes, pears, graham crackers, and ground beef
Cali also loves to play in the refrigerator. We put her milk cup on the bottom shelf. When she gets thirsty she just goes to the door and points. Cali even tells us when she wants snack by pointing at the refrigerator or her high chair. She'll even pick out her snack if you let her.

Cali is in a throwing fits stage. This picture was taken after I wouldn't let her in the refrigerator. Poor thing gets so frustrated when you won't let her do what she wants.

Luckily the fits are normally short lived and she is back to happy Cali again.

Cali will even tell you when she needs a new diaper. She will go to her diaper bag, get out a diaper, wipes, the changing pad then lay down! It kills me! She is also waking up with dry diapers a lot.

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