Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boys and Girls are ... Different

Before we had Henry I never realized how different boys and girls are just naturally different.  Before they even grow up enough to be exposed to society they are different.  I think it is even more apparent in our home since we have boy/girl twins so it is easy to compare the differences.
Paging Dr. Henry!

Cali and Hannah calmly playing at our new kitchen toy

Here are some funny boy/ girl difference stories

Henry when playing bangs toys together, loudly!   Hannah will calmly sit and play with a toy.

Before anyone showed Henry how he was pushing around his dump truck and making a motor sound! Hannah quietly puts things in the dump truck.

Henry will destroy things.  I don't think on purpose but non the less destroys things.  Hannah meticulously has a plan with her playing and where she is going to put things.

Now for 2 poop stories because as a mom these are just funny!

Henry was on anti-biotics for an ear infection.  Anti-biotics equals diarrhea in most kids.  I had all 3 kids in the bath tub together one night.  Henry gets in his I'm going to poop squat position so I push him down.  He plays a couple more minutes.  Then he resumes the poop squat position and let it rip!  I yell at Cali to get out while I grab Hannah.  With both girls are safely out of the tub, Henry sits playing in brown water.  I Cloroxed everything!

My Tweet from that incident: So the boy just pooped in the tub while taking a bath with his two sisters. Cloroxed the mess out of the tub and toys.

While playing this evening I noticed Henry had his hands in the back of his diaper.  He then reached for the legos.  My reflexes were not fast enough to stop him from getting to the toys!  He and the legos got a bath.

Here is my Tweet after the event: Hands in diaper- find poop- poop on hands - hands on toys - boy & toys get bath 

It is amazing how naturally boys and girls are created different!  We'll see what comes next!

Friday, January 18, 2013

We may be small but...

We still know how to have fun!

Thursday Nick took the twins to their 1 year check up - yes 4 months late.  Scheduling got off.  Turns out both babies have ear infections so they needed anti-biotics.  Henry weighted 21 lbs 4 ozs (25%) and was 31 inches (50%) tall.  Hannah weighted 17 lbs 6 ozs (5%) and was 29 inches (25%) tall.  Hannah actually has a larger head than Henry!  The issue is that Hannah is in the 5th percentile for weight and is actually smaller now than at her 10 month check up that was three months ago.  Part of this is that she was sick last week and not eating well.  The Dr. told us to put her on a high protein, high calorie diet.  This is tricky since she is a picky eater.  So we are giving her greek yogurt and "double milk" with is whole milk mixed with dry non-fat milk.  We are also trying to hide protein like eggs and meat in things she does like to eat.  The Dr. said she is healthy just small.  So we are on a mission to fatten the little girl up!
The picture is blurry but I love her smile in this one!

In other news we got 3 inches of snow last night!  It was enough for Cali and I to play in it this morning during the twins nap time.  She made a snow angel and made a snow ball pile.  Cali lasted about 8 minutes before she decided she was cold and wanted to go back in.

Nick is on an overnight trip with students from church so the kids and I are playing solo.  We felt brave tonight so all 4 of us went to Chick-fil-A for dinner alone.  The good news is our local restaurant has nice workers who will bring high chairs to your table, bring you your food and put place mates down for the kids.  This is huge cause I can't do those things with the babies in my arms!  After we all ate all three kids played in the play area.  It was the twins first time in there and they both did great!  Hannah was happy playing in the toddler area.  While Henry wanted to climb up the stairs and onto the slide.

Oh the fun we have with three little kids!

Monday, January 14, 2013

14 Month Twin Update

The twins are 14 months old today and they are walking!  The weekend of Christmas it just clicked for the twins.  They are walking everywhere these days!  They are also talking up a storm.  Words we can understand include: Momma, Dadda, Ball, Up, Down, Dog and Uh-Oh.

Here are cute pictures from dinner tonight.  Henry loves to smile!

Hannah was happy at dinner even with a pea in her hair!

 Picture time today was great for happy Henry but Hannah was not into playing ball.   When she smiles she fills the room but you have to work hard to get her to smile.

Henry 14 Months

Hannah 14 Months

Poor Hannah was done
Food - They drink whole milk and water from sippy cups.  They eat three meals a day and get one snack.  Favorite foods include: chicken, green beans, broccoli, potatoes, ground beef, noodles, dried apples, crackers, pancakes and french toast sticks.  Henry will eat almost anything you put in front of him.  Hannah is more picky so it can be a challenge to get her full.  
Sleep - They nap at 10am and 3pm.  They go to bed at 8pm and wake up around 7:00am.  The naps are 45 minutes to 2 hours long.  Henry normally sleeps longer than Hannah.  
Clothes - Hannah is in 9-12 and some 12 month.  Henry is in 12 month and 18 month size.
Weight -  Hannah 18 lbs 5 oz Henry 24 lbs 11 oz   Yes Henry is huge compared to Hannah!
Height - Hannah ___ inches Henry __ inches  
Diapers - Pampers size 3
Health - Hannah's Hemangioma meds are so going well.  The red spot is getting lighter.  Both of the twins have been sick in the last week.  Henry has RSV so he is coughing, sneezing and has a running nose.  Hannah had a stomach bug last Monday night which was so sad.  She also has a running nose.
Fun Facts - Henry has seven teeth and Hannah has 6.  They both wear size 5 shoe.  Hannah loves to play with a toy while she sits in your lap.  She is a big momma's girl right now.  Henry likes to play basketball.  He will put any ball he can find into the hoop.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

I wanted to share some photos from our fun Christmas festivities.

Christmas Morning

We started Christmas Eve at my mom's house.  We had dinner, celebrated my sister's birthday and Nana gave the kids their Christmas PJ's.

Christmas morning the kids tore into their presents.  Cali is a pro by now of opening a present, saying thank you and ripping into the next one.

The twins loved tearing the wrapping paper and pulling out the tissue paper!  The actually toys inside the boxes were fun too!

Nana and Henry playing with his new truck.

After brunch and the twins morning nap we drove to Nick's family.   This is a big lunch with lots of extended family so we meet at a fire station.  The fire truck was a big hit with the kids!  The kids get a few gifts and the adults do a Dirty Santa gift exchange that is always entertaining.

Maw Maw feeding Hannah

Cali sitting in the Fire Truck with Uncle Andy

Hannah, Cali, Henry and Leigha

Next we went over to Nick's mom's house for dinner and more presents.  The kids did great without their afternoon naps.  I think the excitement of presents and new toys kept everyone going.

Henry tearing into a present.

Cali in new PJ's riding Hannah's new horse.

The twins were passed out before we left Maw Maw's neighborhood.  It was a big day for everyone.

We had a wonderful Christmas and we're blessed to be able to see so many family members!  The kids had a blast and behaved wonderfully!  Nick and I talk all the time about how fun Christmas will be as everyone gets older.

I hope you made wonderful memories with your families!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Henry's First Hair Cut

On Monday we took the kids to get hair cuts.  Henry got his first hair cut and Cali got her curls trimmed.

This is the back of Henry's hair before the cut. 

 This is his hair after the cut.

This is the front before.
This is the front after.

Henry sat in my lap while Caroline cut it.  She did Cali's first hair cut too!  He did really well.  He didn't like the cover and kept turning his head to look at Caroline which made cutting the back of his head fun.  But they both did great and we had two successful haircuts!  It was so nice to have Nick there to help rangle all the kids and take pictures.