Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boys and Girls are ... Different

Before we had Henry I never realized how different boys and girls are just naturally different.  Before they even grow up enough to be exposed to society they are different.  I think it is even more apparent in our home since we have boy/girl twins so it is easy to compare the differences.
Paging Dr. Henry!

Cali and Hannah calmly playing at our new kitchen toy

Here are some funny boy/ girl difference stories

Henry when playing bangs toys together, loudly!   Hannah will calmly sit and play with a toy.

Before anyone showed Henry how he was pushing around his dump truck and making a motor sound! Hannah quietly puts things in the dump truck.

Henry will destroy things.  I don't think on purpose but non the less destroys things.  Hannah meticulously has a plan with her playing and where she is going to put things.

Now for 2 poop stories because as a mom these are just funny!

Henry was on anti-biotics for an ear infection.  Anti-biotics equals diarrhea in most kids.  I had all 3 kids in the bath tub together one night.  Henry gets in his I'm going to poop squat position so I push him down.  He plays a couple more minutes.  Then he resumes the poop squat position and let it rip!  I yell at Cali to get out while I grab Hannah.  With both girls are safely out of the tub, Henry sits playing in brown water.  I Cloroxed everything!

My Tweet from that incident: So the boy just pooped in the tub while taking a bath with his two sisters. Cloroxed the mess out of the tub and toys.

While playing this evening I noticed Henry had his hands in the back of his diaper.  He then reached for the legos.  My reflexes were not fast enough to stop him from getting to the toys!  He and the legos got a bath.

Here is my Tweet after the event: Hands in diaper- find poop- poop on hands - hands on toys - boy & toys get bath 

It is amazing how naturally boys and girls are created different!  We'll see what comes next!

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