Sunday, January 30, 2011

The River

BC or Before Cali we would take the dogs down to the river at least twice a month.  There is a large city party by our house that has walking trails and runs along a river.  The dogs love to run, chase the tennis ball and swim.  Going to the river also means the dogs need baths.   It was in the 50's yesterday so Nick suggested we all go to the park.  Once the dogs figured out what was going on they went nuts!  So all 5 of us walked down to the park to play.  Cali thought it was so funny that the dogs were so excited.

Harley with her ball

Headed to the river!
It didn't take long for the dogs to run to the river.
Jack swimming

Harley with the ball again!

Once they were done swimming - it was time to SHAKE!!!

When we got home Nick gave the dogs baths while I feed Cali and put her down for a nap.  The dogs slept all afternoon and evening.  A tired dog is a happy dog!

Just another fun Saturday with the Jordans!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Made a Mess!

Cali is a professional mess maker!  Whether it is food, toys, dishes, toilet paper, or clothes Cali can make a mess.  We sometimes refer to her as Hurricane Cali because we can clean a room and 2 minutes later she has destroyed it!

Thursday night around 10:45pm Cali started calling for me from her crib.  She had been asleep since 8.  I found her in her crib saying, "Made a mess".  I went to pick her up but she felt wet - then I SMELLED it!  I threw on the light and say poor Cali sitting in a crib full of throw up.  It looked like she had gotten sick a few times poor girl!  She kept saying, "Made a mess, made a mess".  I got her calmed down and out of her messy clothes.  I stripped her crib and put everything in a plastic bag.  After calling "Super mom" (my sister) I was ready.  I called Nick and asked him to leave work early and grab some ginger ale on the way home.  Cali and I rocked in the recliner watching Elmo as I tried to get Cali to drink water.    Around 12:45am she was back in bed.

Friday she was good all morning.  Her appetite wasn't huge but that is understandable.  Nick called me at work around 3:15pm to let me know she was getting sick again.  This time Nick was holding her for part of it!  He did great keeping her calm and getting her clean.  I came home early from work to find them in the recliner covered in towels, "Just in case".  

Cali has been fine all day today.  She hasn't eaten too much but has done a good job drinking.  Since Cali was sick we had to miss our friend Spencer's 2nd Birthday party and pass on going out to dinner with family.   Hopefully tomorrow Cali will be back to 100%.  Pray she feels better and didn't share this bug with Nick and I!  We don't have to time throw up for 24 hours!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

23 Months Old

Cali Maple is 23 months old today!  How did our little baby turn into an almost 2 year old toddler?!
Cali has been busy learning new things lately.

Cali loves to climb into the chair and play her computer games.
She also loves to play games on the iPad.

She is also a big ham!  She loves an audience and loves to perform for a crowd.

Cali loves story time!

23 Month Stats
  • 12 teeth
  • Size 4 diapers, 6 shoes, 18-24 month clothes
  • Sleeps from 8pm to 7am and takes 1 nap a day
  • Favorite Foods: mac-n-cheese, turkey, ham, pasta, cheese, crackers, and cookies
  • Is learning colors and letters
  • Talks none stop ALL day long!
  • Likes to do things on her own
  • Loves to color and read books

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cali with Grandma and working hard

Nick is on a mission trip to Mexico this week.  Grandma Jordan came to play with Cali from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday evening.  They had tons of fun playing, going for walks, cleaning, reading, watching Elmo and eating.
Watching TV on Grandma's bed

Heading off for a walk
 Monday night we went shopping at the outlets.  Cali had a fun stroller to "drive" while we shopped.
Cali driving the stroller
Today Cali joined me at work after school and nap time.   She did a great job and only made small messes.  I was even able to get some work done.
Cali conducting an interview at the conference table

Playing with her toys on the floor. 
Tomorrow Cali gets to play with Aunt Mary and cousins Kimmie and Michael.   Luckily Nick comes home tomorrow.  The munchkin has missed her daddy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I was THAT parent

Today I was THAT parent at a restaurant.  I used to always think mean thoughts about parents that would bring McDonald's Happy meals into different restaurants.  Now that I have a toddler I understand why.

Cali and I were out running errands and it was time for lunch.  I read a blog about some yummy Gluten Free pizza at Brixx but I knew Cali wouldn't be up for pizza.  So I drive through Chick-fil-A for a kids nugget meal with milk for Cali and then went to Brixx.

My yummy Gluten Free pizza and Cali with her nuggets.
When we got home Cali enjoyed putting some stickers we bought on everyone.  And I do mean everyone.
Notice the pink hearts on top of Jack and Harley's head!
The dogs tolerate Cali so well.  She gets whacked with a tail every now and then but otherwise she does fine.

Monday, January 10, 2011


We are getting hit by the snow storm that covered Atlanta.  So far we have less than an inch but it is still coming down.
Nick and Cali went out to enjoy the snow before dinner.
Cali is playing with the bird feeder.

Our little pink princess!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Place with a View

After three months it was time to make the trip to DC to bury Dad in Arlington National Cemetery.  Due to the war there is a three month wait for burials.  After 28 years in the Air Force he was entitled to a burial with full military honors.

During his last week with us we discussed where he wanted to be buried, when we suggested Arlington he got a sweet grin on this face and said he would like that.   On January 5, 2011 Col. Ray Vitkus received a full military burial in Arlington National Cemetery.  He has a beautiful view of the Potomac River and the Pentagon.  This is very appropriate since he worked at the Pentagon for a number of years.

We were blessed to have so many friends and family attend the service to show their love for dad.  After the service we had a reception at our old church.  It was amazing to be able to see so many of our friends from years ago.  There were even a hand full of people that had worked with dad or for dad over the years.

The service was perfect.  The Air Force honor guard did a wonderful job.  It was very moving.  The 21 gun salute and playing of "Taps" was very emotional.