Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A day in the park

Nick and Cali went to a local park this morning. Cali loved it and Nick got some amazing photos of our baby girl!

My favorite!

Heart Test

Cali had an ultrasound on her heart yesterday. At her 15 month Dr. visit the Pediatrician heard a heart murmur that he wanted to get checked out. So we took Cali to a specialist yesterday. Nick packed a bag full of toys and snacks to keep her occupied while we waited but ultimately this is what Cali did while we waited for the test.

Playing with the clipboard was way more fun than her toys. She did get some pen marks on her but it wasn't too bad.

The actual ultrasound was pretty rough on Cali. I think mostly she was scared. We had to lay her down on the a table in a dark room and a strange man was putting a probe on her chest. We tried our best to keep her calm but had little success. She cried for almost the whole procedure. Afterwards she clung to Nick and I like her life depended on it!

The poor girl was passed out as soon as we got in the car.

The results will be read and sent to our regular Pediatrician. So we'll see. I assume if we don't hear anything it is good news.

Monday, June 28, 2010


A nasty sickness has been in our house since last Thursday. Wednesday night Cali was up 10 times, so we new something wasn't right. When I came home at lunch she had a temperature of 103.8. We took her straight to the Dr. office. After a couple not fun tests we went home with some antiboitics. Friday and Saturday she started to feel better and act like her normal self. We skipped church Sunday just to be safe.

Unfortunalty Nick came home from church sick. He had a fever and has been wiped out. We had Nick's mom came play with Cali so I could help run the church youth event.

Today Cali spend some time with me at work until my dad could come over to watch Cali. It was fun to have her at the office as a toddler.
She had fun playing with toys and showing off for everyone at the office.

Hopefully Nick will be feeling better tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

16 Months Old!

Today Cali is 16 Months Old!
Where has the time gone? We now have a toddler running all over our house, getting into everything.

Cali Stats:
  • 21 lbs 31 inches long
  • Sleeps 7:30pm to 7:00am
  • Takes one 1-2 hour nap
  • Loves to drink milk
  • Wears size 3 diapers
  • Wears size 4.5 -5 shoe
  • Wears 12-18 month clothes
  • Loves to eat cookies, Macaroni n Cheese, sandwich meat, peas, pancakes, pears, graham crackers, and ground beef
Cali also loves to play in the refrigerator. We put her milk cup on the bottom shelf. When she gets thirsty she just goes to the door and points. Cali even tells us when she wants snack by pointing at the refrigerator or her high chair. She'll even pick out her snack if you let her.

Cali is in a throwing fits stage. This picture was taken after I wouldn't let her in the refrigerator. Poor thing gets so frustrated when you won't let her do what she wants.

Luckily the fits are normally short lived and she is back to happy Cali again.

Cali will even tell you when she needs a new diaper. She will go to her diaper bag, get out a diaper, wipes, the changing pad then lay down! It kills me! She is also waking up with dry diapers a lot.


Nick and Cali had a chance to visit Alex and our Great-Granddogs today! Jack (our granddog) and his wife, Belle had three puppies about 5 weeks ago.

Cali was a little shy at first, but Alex helped to warm her up.

Petting a puppy!

Playing with the puppies

Monday, June 21, 2010

This is how I roll

Jack and I ran a 5k the other weekend in Burlington. Jack was very excited at first but slowed to our running pace once we got going. It was a pretty good race with only a few hills. I even cut 13 seconds off my last race time!

This is us before the race. My shirt says "this is how I roll" and has a picture of a girl running with a dog! It's Jack and me!

This big hill was right before the finish line.

After the race we all sat in the grass.

It was pretty warm and Jack was thirsty!

On the way home he enjoyed the wind.

Happy 2nd Birthday Michael!

Cali's littlest cousin Michael just turned 2!

We had a family party for him Saturday. He got lots of boy toys to include a dump truck that Cali loved.

There were four kids and three were under 3. Mass chaos it was awesome!

Happy Birthday Leigha!

Leigha just turned 6!

We got to go over to Andy and Jennifer's house for a cookout last weekend! Cali had a great time playing with the Birthday girl and Leigha's other cousins.

The kids playing on Leigha's bed.
Leigha the Super Girl!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grandparents fun

Nick is still in Puerto Rico hanging out with youth. That means Grandparent fun all week!
Grandma Jordan took care of Cali Monday and Tuesday while Grandma and Grandpa Vitkus had Wednesday to Friday.

When I come home from work at lunch Cali is exhausted! I don't know what they do all morning but it takes all of 30 seconds for Cali to go down for her nap. She is also taking almost 2 hours naps! Seriously?! Of course the grandparents nap while Cali naps. Morning play time wears everyone out! When I come home at dinner same thing - everyone is tired :)

I love that we have family close so they can enjoy quality time with Cali at this age.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Puerto Rico

Nick is in Puerto Rico for the week with a group of students from our church for a mission trip. They will be participating in a Week of Hope with Group Workcamps.

Please pray for Nick and the group as they share the love of Christ and serve others. I will be doing daily blog posts of their trip at

This is the group outside RDU airport at 4am this morning!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dr. Visit

Cali had her 15 month Dr. visit yesterday. She was supposed to go 2 weeks ago but that was in the middle of everything with Nick's appendix surgery and we totally forgot about it!

Cali had 3 shots! She was 21.9lbs. The Dr. said she was growing and developing wonderfully.

This is Cali playing in the room after her shots. You can see the bandaid on her leg.

The Dr. was concerned with a pretty strong heart murmur he heard. He said most times he doesn't worry about it but since Cali's was so strong that we need to have it checked out. They are going to schedule an EKG on her heart to make sure it isn't anything we need to worry about.

Please pray that the Dr. just had bad hearing yesterday and Cali's little heart it perfectly healthy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What has Cali been up to?

Well thanks for asking! She has been a busy bee!
We have opened up more of the house for her to destroy /play in. This includes the dog room and the kitchen. Cali and the dogs have been getting really close lately. As you can see Cali likes to bring the dogs their toys.

And she likes to check out their teeth. We are so lucky to have tolerant dogs. That is one reason we got Goldens, we knew they would be great with kids.

While Nick was making dinner Cali played with his phone. She kills me when she holds the phone up to her ear like this. Sometimes while I'm on the phone she will just put her hand by her head like she is talking too.

Cali cracks me up!

This is how Cali "helps" me with the dishes. She tries to climb IN the dish washer! Cali is a little monkey. She will climb up or in anything if you let her.

Sunday Cali and I went to our friend, Sam's bridal shower. She was gorgeous as she opens tons of gifts.
Cali enjoyed a cupcake while we watched Sam.

Tonight we pulled out the bubble maker! So much fun!

She looks so peaceful in this picture. I love it!
So that is what Cali has been up to. You?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cali in Marbles

Monday we went to Marbles in Raleigh. It is an AMAZING kids museum! Cali had a blast! She spent 2 hours running all over the place playing with toys. Most of the pictures are of her back because she wouldn't stay still long enough to get her picture taken.

Off she goes!

Dr. Cali

She LOVED the water section. She loved it so much that we had to change her cloths before we went to the next area.

Cali loved to play in this red car. She spent most of the time in the back seat while random kids "drove" her around.

There was an entire room filled with yellow and green balls. Cali was in awe!

Surfer Girl Cali

Cali the dancing queen

We all had a blast and will go back!