Four Legged Kids

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart that I write we are a dog-free home now.  We lost Harley to a stroke in May 2013 and Jack to Pancreatitis in August 2013.  

Nick and I had only been married 6 weeks when I decided we needed a dog.   So we brought home Harley, a 6 week old Golden Retriever.  She was our first child.   She was a difficult puppy and destroyed our first apartment. 

After a few months we felt that Harley was lonely so we got 8 week old Jackson.  They were instant best friends.  

After a year long courtship they became proud parents to nine puppies.  A year later they had a second litter of eleven puppies.

Their puppy making days are over now.  These days they spend their days sleeping, eating and playing in the yard.

Harley will eat ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING
Harley will play fetch with a tennis ball until she falls over
Harley loves to swim
Harley is the definition of persistence, I wish I had an ounce of her determination

Jack loves to chew on sticks and dig holes to no where
Jack is a skilled escape artist, but luckily he always runs away to the park down the street
Jack is a great running partner!  We do 3 to 7 miles a week.
Jack only has eyes for Harley, he is a one woman dog.  All others we warned!