Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lil Flower

Cali had a very busy Halloween! She was a FLOWER!! She was absolutely the cutest flower you have ever seen!

We started the day at our church's Family Fun Day. She spent most of it sitting in her stroller watching the kids run around. She even helped Nick man the popcorn machine. However all her people watching wore her out.

We then came home to regroup. After a rest we went back out. We went shopping and got Cali some new food (yogurt and puffs cereal - like Cheerios). Once we were tired of shopping we went to Red Robin for dinner. She tried the puffs but kept losing them on her hand. Cali is not used to playing with such small pieces of food. So most of them ended up on the floor.

Our little flower is now sound asleep after her big day!

Her costume!

Laughing at kids playing

Such a cute sleeping flower!

At dinner

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playing with Grandpa!

My dad has been staying with us for the past week. Mom is taking a much deserved vacation in Florida with her best friend and dad needed a place to crash. Since his surgery in March he is still not 100% and needs help with his ostomy and wound. But overall he is down to 2 tubes instead of 6 and can get around and enjoy life. He arrived last Friday and will head home tomorrow. It has been a joy to have him here doing life with us!

The best part is that he is getting quality time with Cali! They have been getting along wonderfully! We have even left her 3 times with him and not a tear was shed! Grant it she was asleep for one of his baby-sitting duties. Nick had a church staff meeting this evening and I had work so Dad watched her for the 20 minutes during our comings and goings. The top picture is what I found when I came home! They were both on the floor playing with toys.

This is dad distracting Cali while I made dinner. It is helpful to have another person to entertain her so we can get stuff done!

8 month pics

Here are pictures of Cali on her 8th month birthday. She played in her Johnny Jump Up and was just plain cute!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

8 Months Old

Cali was 8 months old on Friday! She is 17 3/4 lbs.

Her tricks and talents:
- Stand up from sitting position
- Eats a mixture of veggies, fruit, rice cereal, crackers, and breast milk
- Rolls all over the place
- Makes a variety of noises
- Sleeping through the night
- Takes 2-4 naps a day
- 2 teeth

Everyday we are blessed to have her in our life!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's a cold

Cali still has yucky green stuff coming out of her nose so I took her to the Dr. this morning. Turns out she just has a cold and there isn't much you can do about it. The Dr. said it can take weeks for an infant to get over the cold.

His suggestions : humidifier (check), saline solutions (check) and a nasal aspirator (check).

Why did I have to pay $25 for the Dr. to tell me to keep doing what we are already doing?! Since this is our first rodeo we don't know what can be fixed with meds and what just has to run its course. I'm sure by kid #5 a runny nose won't even raise an eyebrow!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Next Trick

Cali learned how to pull up from a sitting position onto her feet! She used the crib to pull up on. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Firsts

It has been a busy couple days of firsts in the Jordan House!

Cali ate her first cookie/cracker. She liked it a lot! It was an organic wheat teething cracker. Harley even did great when it fell on the floor and she ignored it! We are trying to postpone Cali feeding the dogs as long as possible.

Cali also had her first sit up bath with toys! She really liked the cup we used to pour water on her and she enjoyed eating her rubber duck!

The other first is Cali's first cold. She has a yucky runny nose. You can tell she doesn't feel good because she is really clingy and doesn't want to play by herself. Nick got her a humidifier for her room to help keep the drainage soft. It seems to work well because her nose oozes snot all morning.

One more... Cali took a 2 hour and 20 minute nap in her pack n play at work today! I didn't know what to do with myself. I even went in to make sure she was still breathing after 2 hours. I think she slept so long because she is sick.

It seems like as soon as we figure her out she changes. Today long naps tomorrow - driving.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Catalyst Conference

The Jordan family went to Atlanta! We loaded up and left Wednesday afternoon and got back late last night. We went down for Catalyst. It is a Christian leadership conference with amazing speakers like: Andy Stanley, Rob Bell, Tony Dungy, Louie Giglio, and Dave Ramsey. Worship was lead by Fee Band! It was a great "mountaintop" experience for us. Nick and I needed a little refueling!

Cali did AMAZING!! She could not have been more perfect! The ride down took 7.5 hours and only had some whining. The conference was all day Thursday and Friday. Cali spent the day people watching, playing, eating and sleeping. We sat by a door so we could make quick exits if she was loud, but rarely had to run out. How she slept through the LOUD worship sets I have no idea. The only challenge was finding a place to nurse with the arena filled with 13,000 people! But we managed to find quiet hallways and stairwells. Everyone loved Cali and commented on how cute and well behaved she was! The ride home last night took 7 hours and only had 1 crying fit!

Cali outside the arena

All of us

Napping during our lunch break. We ate at the Kroger!

One of the awesome speakers!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What did you wear to church today?

The Jordan family wore their camos!

The church youth group are starting a new series this week "Fight the Good Fight" so we all dressed up in our camos to promote the new theme!

I had on my Dad's old pants, Nick got some from the Army Surplus store and Cali's pants came from the boys section of Old Navy.

I thought we looked cute!

Play Date

Cali and I had a play date on Saturday with my friend Emily and her son Spencer. Emily and I went through the MBA program at Elon together and were pregnant at the same time. It was wonderful to have her as a friend to help me through Elon and being preggers! Spencer is just a few weeks older than Cali so it is fun to see how they each develop and grow.

We played at Emily's house for a while then went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. It was cute to have the 2 kids in high chairs eating with us. Then we went to Babies-R-Us for some fun baby shopping! That place in dangerous! It was a super fun time and I think the kids enjoyed it to.

Here are pictures of them playing together. They did a very good job of sharing toys. Cali did try to bully him for Mr. Duck, but we told her she had to share!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lights On Lights Off

Cali was getting fussy while we were making dinner so this was Nick's solution to keep her busy.