Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cali's Dora the Explorer 3rd Birthday Party

We had a great time this morning at Cali's 3rd birthday party!  The party was at church in a room right next to the outdoor playground - a big entertainer for the kids!  The party was filled with tasty treats, a pinata, presents, friends and family.

The birthday girl has been asking for a pinata for weeks.  I had not originally planned for a pinata but after the request I had to make it happen.  Who knew the pinata would be such a hit with the kids!  Cali went first (with Daddy's help) then we continued on up from smallest to biggest.  Luckily the oldest 2 kids got a few swings in before the goodies poured out!
Daddy hanging the pinata

Chasing the pinata

Hitting the pinata

The party was also the twins first time being out in public at a social event.  They should have been sleeping for the party but instead were awake and cranky.  When we got home Hannah took a bottle and slept for 3.5 hours.  Henry ate and snoozed while watching basketball with Daddy.
The Grandmas on twin duty

Cali loved it when we all sang "Happy Birthday"  This look makes it all worth it!

 While we cleaned up the kids went outside to play.

So proud of our 3 year old!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cali is 3!!!

Cali Maple is three years old today!  How is that possible?  How is my little baby three?  I'm blown away by how fast time is going by.  I'm afraid to blink for fear she'll be driving.

Our oldest daughter is such a blessing!  I know I say that a lot but I truly mean it!  We are blessed to be her parents and blessed by God because of her.  It is amazing how the Lord can use your child to teach you so many lessons about Himself.

Cali has such a sweet spirit and a tender heart.  She is so polite and friendly.  She is super smart and picks up on everything.  Her vocabulary grows all the time and she has an amazing memory!
                                                      Cali singing "Happy Birthday"

Cali Facts

Size 9 shoe
Size 3T clothes
95% potty trained - she still wears pull ups to bed
Up at 7am, naps at 2pm, bed at 8pm
Favorite color: pink
Favorite drink: white milk
Favorite food: cookies
Favorite fruit: pears
Favorite TV show: Dora the Explorer
Favorite activity: playing

Cali is also a great big sister!  She loves the babies and does so much to help us.  If one of the babies is crying she will run over to try and give them a paci or sing a song to them.  It warms my heart how she loves them!

Happy Birthday Cali Maple!  You are so loved!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 Months Old Twins

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy 3 Months to Henry and Hannah!  God is good and we are still surviving with 3 kids under 3!

Big changes this past month have been the twins really starting to respond to us.  They react to our voices and recognize our faces.  After weeks of very little response it is so rewarding to finally get a smile or a laugh!

They are also old enough for us to go out on mini-outings.  I have taken them out a few times to run errands and they have done pretty well.  Henry will sleep the whole time and Hannah will be wide eyed taking it all in.

Food - 100% breast milk 3-4 oz per feeding.  Using bottles and nursing.
Sleep - They nap for about an hour to an hour and a half five to six times a day.  They sleep four to five hours at night between feedings.
Clothes - Hannah is still in Newborn size and some 0-3 month.  Henry is in 0-3 month size.
Weight -  Hannah around 9.5 lbs  Henry around  11 lbs
Height - Hannah ____ inches Henry ____ inches  
Diapers - Pampers size 1 we go through 16 to 20 diapers A DAY!
Health - Hannah is doing great on her meds for the Hemangioma.  The red spot has gotten smaller and is getting lighter.  We are all fighting a cold which is interesting.  We've decided that if one kid gets sick everyone will get it.  Next time the Dr. writes a prescription for something I'm just going to ask for 2 more of the same thing since its inevitable. 
Fun Facts - When Henry laughs you can see a dimple on his right cheek.  Hannah's talking noise sounds like a lion's roar (a baby lion of course).

Henry 3 months

Hannah 3 months

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday in iPhone

Here is what we did today:

Our alarm clock "Mommy!  It's 7!"

Nick feeding babies breakfast
Twins take a nap after playing 
Superman Cali - she is making a mask with her hands
Maw Maw reading with Cali and Hannah

Hanging out with Maw Maw
Hannah and Henry playing

Making cookies with daddy

Being silly