Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Park

It has been crazy warm here considering it is almost February!  I was feeling brave this past week so I loaded all 3 kids up and went to the park at church.  I knew no other kids would be there so it would be easy to watch Cali and the twins.  This was my first trip out on my own with all 3 kids that wasn't to a Dr. apt!
Cali the Bus Driver!

Hannah and Henry eating while Cali plays on the bridge.

The twins slept for a while then woke up for their afternoon feeding.  They enjoyed their bottles outside.    After the park we ran a quick errand and headed home for dinner.

Pretty successful for our first outing!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

She was too quiet

The twins were napping, Cali was eating snack so I was cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. I was so happy that Cali was playing independently and allowing me to be productive. I should have known better.

Snack was crackers and peanut butter.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two Month Update - Twins

The twins are officially 2 months old today!  We are starting to get in a rhythm around here with 3 kids under 3.  We started a relaxed version of Baby Wise at week 6 and that seems to have helped.  Basically we follow a schedule of eat, play sleep during the day and then eat and sleep at night.
Hannah and Henry

I started back to work part-time this past week.  We are trying to get used to the new schedule with Nick and I trading off twin duty at lunch.  Cali also is almost completely potty trained so that has helped a lot!



Food - 100% breast milk on a 2.5 to 3 hour schedule.  Using bottles and nursing.
Sleep - They take around 6 hour to two hour naps a day.  With the Baby Wise system we can get a 4 hour stretch at night a few nights a week!
Clothes - Hannah is still in Newborn size and some 0-3 month.  Henry is in 0-3 month size.
Weight -  Hannah around 8lb 13oz  Henry around 9lb 15oz
Height - Hannah 21 inches Henry 22.5 inches  
Diapers - Pampers size 1 - just moved up from newborn this week!
Health - Hannah is doing great on her meds for the Hemangioma.  The red spot has gotten smaller and is starting to get lighter.  The dermatologist is very happy with the progress and even increased the amount of meds to take.
Fun Facts - Henry loves tummy time and has great head control.  Hannah is a very happy, laid back baby. 
Nap time with Daddy

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas from the Jordan's!  

(Yes- I'm know I'm behind.  But I have 3 kids so I'm allowed)

With the twins being so young and little we decided to stay at the house this Christmas and invite our immediate families over for Christmas festivities.

On Friday Dec. 23rd Nick's family came over for dinner and presents.  It was so much fun to see the older girls opening presents and playing together.
Maw Maw and Hannah


Uncle Andy and Cali

Saturday Dec. 24th we had my family less my mom, she was sick, over.  The three big kids had a great time playing.
Michael, Kimmie, and Cali

Kimmie and Cali

Aunt Mary and Hannah

Kimmie enjoying Nick's present
Sunday Dec. 25th our family of five did Christmas.  The twins slept through the gift opening.  Cali loved opening her presents and the babies presents.  This year it was clear that the opening of presents was very exciting for her!

Opening Cali's stocking

Her favorite Dora and Boots!

How Hannah and Henry celebrated their first Christmas

Friday Dec. 30th my family came back for a second Christmas dinner this time with my mom!  More fun, food and presents!
We also celebrated my sister's birthday.
Decorating Mary's birthday cupcakes

Michael, Henry, Cali, Hannah, Kimmie