Thursday, August 14, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Life is going by so fast these days!  I'm sorry for not filling you in on all the wonderful things we have been doing.  Today was a big day in the Jordan house so I wanted to make sure and share it with you.

Cali started Kindergarten and the Henry and Hannah started Pre-K 2 yr old class.

All 3 kids are at a private Christian school 4 miles from our house.  It wasn't our first plan for the kids, but has turned out wonderfully and will be a huge blessing for our family.

We had to wake them up an hour earlier than usual to get up, dressed, feed and out the door.  Let were not too excited about it this morning, but will get used to it. 

Cali has been beyond excited about Kindergarten.  She has been telling everyone that she was going.  School supply shopping almost sent her over the edge.  She is so bright and so excited to learn!

Cali sitting at her desk this morning

Cali all ready for school!

Henry and Hannah are in the same class together.  This is their first time going to a full day program.  They will eat snack at school, eat lunch and take naps at school.  My fingers are crossed for their teachers.  My vote is Hannah doesn't sleep!

Sweet Hannah ready for school.  New Minnie Mouse shoes and outfit. 

Henry was still waking up at this point.  He is getting to be such a big boy.

I haven't cried yet, but I didn't want to leave Cali's room.  Nick had to help me out the door.

Today was a half day and tomorrow will be their first full day from 7:30am-3pm.  

How did we get here so fast?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Cali is 5!

Cali turned 5 in late February!  Wow, we have a 5 year old!

Cali wanted to have a Cinderella party with her friends.  We had 15 kids plus adults attend her party at church.  There were craft stations set up for the kids to play at, we had lunch, cupcakes, balloon fun and presents.  Everyone had a blast and was worn out afterwards!

Happy Birthday Cali!  You are so loved!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

February 2014

February included a trip to the beach for a family vacation, celebrating Cali's 5th birthday and fun in the snow.

Since it was the off season we were able to stay for a week at a condo right on the beach.  Nick's mom was able to come and play with us too!  It was chilly but we still had fun at the beach and the aquarium.
Our sweet family playing in the sand. 

Maw Maw and our 3 cuties

I love how the aquarium just blows their minds!  We had the whole aquarium to ourselves to discover and play in.  We went twice in one day to explore and play.

See Cali running?  See Henry staring up at the fish?  See Hannah pointing up at the fish!  Success! 

Winter has been crazy!  We will have 65 degrees and spend the afternoon playing outside and literally 3 days later there is snow on the ground.  We have had at least 3 large winter ice/snow events.  One even brought inches of snow for us to play in.

Hannah, Nick and Henry exploring the snow

I nailed Cali with a snow ball :)

Hannah loved playing in it, for a while, then she went inside to play iPad

Saturday, March 15, 2014

January 2014

Sorry for the lack of pictures the last few months!  Life is crazy to say the least.  Here are pictures from January to give you an update.

The Jordan men love each other!  Henry will copy Nick and follow him all over the house.

For New Year's we went to Maw Maw's house for greens, hog jaws, and black eyed peas.  The twins wanted to eat with Maw Maw.

Uncle Andy and Henry hanging out at a restaurant together

The kids love to play and laugh together.  Every day is filled with laughing, giggles, screams and fits.  We are blessed!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

2013 has been a big year in the Jordan household!

Cali started Pre-k 4 playschool.  She loves playing with her friends and learning.  Nick has been doing a great job of helping her learn to read.  Her favorite things to do are play with her family, play on the iPad and to play on playgrounds.  If Cali is awake she is talking.  She is so smart, kind and loving.

Henry is a full on 2 year old toddler.  He is 100 MPH and all boy!  If he isn't climbing on, throwing something, bouncing, running and knocking something over he is eating.   Henry loves to play with balls and his sisters.  He started playschool this fall in the toddler room.  He loves it!  Henry is very funny, caring and sweet.

Hannah is a sweet little girl.  She loves to play and do things.  She enjoys working with puzzles, blocks and coloring.  She is doing well in playschool with Henry and loves her teachers.  She prefers to play by herself but does play well with the other two.  She is very happy, sweet and smiley.  

Nick is doing great as the Middle School Director at our church.  We hangs out with 5th-8th graders all week and tells them about Jesus.  He is perfect for his job!  Nick had back surgery in August for a bulging disk and has recovered very well.  Thanks to the surgery he is now pain free!  With any free time Nick mentors students and plays video games.

Pam is working part time as the VP of Finance at a contracting company.  This year she received an honor of Financial Executive of the Year from a local Business Journal.  In October she completed her first half marathon.  She continues to write a Gluten Free blog at I'm a Celiac and published a cookbook this year, Family Approved Gluten Free Recipes.

Thank you all for being a part of our journey!  We love you all dearly!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Twins 2nd Birthday Party

To celebrate the twins 2nd birthday we had a Curious George party at our house with just family.  We decided to go small and simple this year.  It was supposed to be an hour and half but we were having so much fun it lasted three hours!  We had seven kids here under the age of ten.  It was a blast to see them all playing and running around.  

Here are some pictures from all the fun!

Hannah and Henry in their George shirts

Big sister Cali in her party dress

Cake Time

Present Time

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Twins are Two!

Henry and Hannah are two years old today!  Praise the Lord we all survived this long!  There have been wonderful moments, hard moments, funny moments, tears, fits and that is just Nick and I:)  It is such a blessing to experience twins.  The bond they have is something so special!  They love each other fiercely.  They care about one another so much.  It is clear they are two totally different people though.  They have very different personalities, likes and dislikes.

Henry 2 years - This is his face when he says "cheese"

Hannah 2 years - She has a bow like her new doll
For birthday presents Cali made the twins animals at Build A Bear.  Henry got a dog named "Silly Dog" and Hannah got a Hello Kitty doll named "Kitty Kitty".  They both loved them.  Here they are feeding their dolls.  Hannah loves to play Tea Party. 

Food -  They drink milk, water and juice.  They love to eat pancakes, pasta, cereal, crackers, chips and cookies. 
Sleep - The twins go down at 2pm for a 2-3 hour nap.  They go down for bed at 8pm and get up around 7am. 
Clothes - Hannah is in 18 month.  Henry is in 24 month clothes.  Hannah is in size 5 shoe and Henry is in size 6. 
Weight -  Hannah 24 lbs Henry 29.8 lbs  
Height - Hannah 32 inches Henry 34 inches  
Diapers - Size 3
Health - They struggle with teething and the occasional runny nose.  Other than that they are good. 
Fun Facts - Hannah has started to talk non-stop.  She is very animated when she talks.  However, we can't tell what she is saying.  Henry is all boy.  He goes 100 MPH, loves to wrestle, throw balls, and climb on things.

After dinner we celebrated with cupcakes.  After which they proceeded to run around the house on sugar highs.

The blur is Henry pushing Hannah through the house.  This was shortly followed by Henry running Hannah into the couch causing Henry to fall down.

We are having a small family birthday party for them this weekend.  The theme is Curious George!