Monday, June 17, 2013

19 Month Twin Update

Henry and Hannah turned 19 months old on Friday June 14th.  Life is crazy so I'm behind a bit!  The twins are full toddlers these days and are getting into everything!  Henry is a destroyer and a climber.  Hannah is a doer and a thinker.  Henry says a few words but mostly grunts for the things he wants.  Hannah talks in paragraphs but Henry is the only one who can understand everything.  She does say a number of words that we understand mixed in.
Henry 19 Months

Hannah 19 Months

They continue to love and hate each other.  It is so sweet to see them interact with one another and do life together.  The connection between twins is like nothing else!  I pray they stay close and enjoy their friendship their whole lives!

They are both entering into the tantrum stage.  Hannah is the queen of screaming and stomping her feet when she doesn't get her way.  It would be cute if she didn't do it so often.  Henry can also throw a good screaming fit when he gets upset.   The best is when they are both throwing tantrums at the same time, its like surround sound toddler screaming!

Picking strawberries this past week

Food - They drink whole milk and water from sippy cups.  They eat three meals a day and get two snacks.  Hannah has been Gluten free for three weeks now to see if it will help her grow.  So we have had a big change in making sure all her food is GF.  We have found it is much easier to feed me GF than Hannah.   We are slowly getting the hang of it.  
Sleep - The nap transition continues, somedays they nap twice and others it is only one.  They go to bed at 7:30pm and wake up around 7:30am.  
Clothes - Hannah is in 12 month some 18 month.  Henry is in 18 month clothes.  Hannah is in size 5 shoe and Henry just moved up to size 6. 
Weight -  Hannah 21 lbs Henry 25 lbs  
Height - Hannah 30 inches Henry 32 inches  
Diapers - Pampers size 3
Health - Hannah did great with her first laser treatment for her hemangioma above her lip.  The area is a ton lighter so we are hopefully one more treatment will do it.  Beside the discomfort from teething they are both doing great.
Fun Facts - Henry likes to put mommy and daddy's shoes on and walk around in them.  Hannah likes to organize things.  She will put toys in a container, then take them out and repeat.

Nick and Henry walking

Hannah and Maw Maw walking

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

This is Nick's 5th Father's Day!  You see 5 Father's Days ago is when we found out we were pregnant with Cali.  It wasn't planned that way but it was so sweet to be able to tell Nick "Happy Father's Day" on that memorable day!

Our day was filled with lots of fun family time.  We went to the early service at church and came home for the twins to nap.  I rested while Nick and Cali played.  After nap we headed out for lunch, a Target run and to play at a playground.
Shoe shopping at Target

Henry with his new red shoes on



Then we came home for the day's second nap.  With everyone awake it was pool time!

Family together time continued with dinner and cartoons with daddy in bed.  Such a great day together.

Happy Father's Day Nick!  There is no one that I would rather do life with than you!  Thank you for being my husband and the amazing daddy to our 3 kids.