Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lil Flower

Cali had a very busy Halloween! She was a FLOWER!! She was absolutely the cutest flower you have ever seen!

We started the day at our church's Family Fun Day. She spent most of it sitting in her stroller watching the kids run around. She even helped Nick man the popcorn machine. However all her people watching wore her out.

We then came home to regroup. After a rest we went back out. We went shopping and got Cali some new food (yogurt and puffs cereal - like Cheerios). Once we were tired of shopping we went to Red Robin for dinner. She tried the puffs but kept losing them on her hand. Cali is not used to playing with such small pieces of food. So most of them ended up on the floor.

Our little flower is now sound asleep after her big day!

Her costume!

Laughing at kids playing

Such a cute sleeping flower!

At dinner

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