Monday, June 7, 2010

What has Cali been up to?

Well thanks for asking! She has been a busy bee!
We have opened up more of the house for her to destroy /play in. This includes the dog room and the kitchen. Cali and the dogs have been getting really close lately. As you can see Cali likes to bring the dogs their toys.

And she likes to check out their teeth. We are so lucky to have tolerant dogs. That is one reason we got Goldens, we knew they would be great with kids.

While Nick was making dinner Cali played with his phone. She kills me when she holds the phone up to her ear like this. Sometimes while I'm on the phone she will just put her hand by her head like she is talking too.

Cali cracks me up!

This is how Cali "helps" me with the dishes. She tries to climb IN the dish washer! Cali is a little monkey. She will climb up or in anything if you let her.

Sunday Cali and I went to our friend, Sam's bridal shower. She was gorgeous as she opens tons of gifts.
Cali enjoyed a cupcake while we watched Sam.

Tonight we pulled out the bubble maker! So much fun!

She looks so peaceful in this picture. I love it!
So that is what Cali has been up to. You?

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