Monday, June 28, 2010


A nasty sickness has been in our house since last Thursday. Wednesday night Cali was up 10 times, so we new something wasn't right. When I came home at lunch she had a temperature of 103.8. We took her straight to the Dr. office. After a couple not fun tests we went home with some antiboitics. Friday and Saturday she started to feel better and act like her normal self. We skipped church Sunday just to be safe.

Unfortunalty Nick came home from church sick. He had a fever and has been wiped out. We had Nick's mom came play with Cali so I could help run the church youth event.

Today Cali spend some time with me at work until my dad could come over to watch Cali. It was fun to have her at the office as a toddler.
She had fun playing with toys and showing off for everyone at the office.

Hopefully Nick will be feeling better tomorrow!

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