Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heart Test

Cali had an ultrasound on her heart yesterday. At her 15 month Dr. visit the Pediatrician heard a heart murmur that he wanted to get checked out. So we took Cali to a specialist yesterday. Nick packed a bag full of toys and snacks to keep her occupied while we waited but ultimately this is what Cali did while we waited for the test.

Playing with the clipboard was way more fun than her toys. She did get some pen marks on her but it wasn't too bad.

The actual ultrasound was pretty rough on Cali. I think mostly she was scared. We had to lay her down on the a table in a dark room and a strange man was putting a probe on her chest. We tried our best to keep her calm but had little success. She cried for almost the whole procedure. Afterwards she clung to Nick and I like her life depended on it!

The poor girl was passed out as soon as we got in the car.

The results will be read and sent to our regular Pediatrician. So we'll see. I assume if we don't hear anything it is good news.

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