Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dr. Visit

Cali had her 15 month Dr. visit yesterday. She was supposed to go 2 weeks ago but that was in the middle of everything with Nick's appendix surgery and we totally forgot about it!

Cali had 3 shots! She was 21.9lbs. The Dr. said she was growing and developing wonderfully.

This is Cali playing in the room after her shots. You can see the bandaid on her leg.

The Dr. was concerned with a pretty strong heart murmur he heard. He said most times he doesn't worry about it but since Cali's was so strong that we need to have it checked out. They are going to schedule an EKG on her heart to make sure it isn't anything we need to worry about.

Please pray that the Dr. just had bad hearing yesterday and Cali's little heart it perfectly healthy!

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