Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cali with Grandma and working hard

Nick is on a mission trip to Mexico this week.  Grandma Jordan came to play with Cali from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday evening.  They had tons of fun playing, going for walks, cleaning, reading, watching Elmo and eating.
Watching TV on Grandma's bed

Heading off for a walk
 Monday night we went shopping at the outlets.  Cali had a fun stroller to "drive" while we shopped.
Cali driving the stroller
Today Cali joined me at work after school and nap time.   She did a great job and only made small messes.  I was even able to get some work done.
Cali conducting an interview at the conference table

Playing with her toys on the floor. 
Tomorrow Cali gets to play with Aunt Mary and cousins Kimmie and Michael.   Luckily Nick comes home tomorrow.  The munchkin has missed her daddy!

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