Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Place with a View

After three months it was time to make the trip to DC to bury Dad in Arlington National Cemetery.  Due to the war there is a three month wait for burials.  After 28 years in the Air Force he was entitled to a burial with full military honors.

During his last week with us we discussed where he wanted to be buried, when we suggested Arlington he got a sweet grin on this face and said he would like that.   On January 5, 2011 Col. Ray Vitkus received a full military burial in Arlington National Cemetery.  He has a beautiful view of the Potomac River and the Pentagon.  This is very appropriate since he worked at the Pentagon for a number of years.

We were blessed to have so many friends and family attend the service to show their love for dad.  After the service we had a reception at our old church.  It was amazing to be able to see so many of our friends from years ago.  There were even a hand full of people that had worked with dad or for dad over the years.

The service was perfect.  The Air Force honor guard did a wonderful job.  It was very moving.  The 21 gun salute and playing of "Taps" was very emotional.


  1. God bless you. It was our honor.
    To Honor With Dignity.
    Lt Col Ray Powell
    Commander, US Air Force Honor Guard

  2. I'm thankful it was such a wonderful service. Your Dad left a legacy both in his work and in his family. Thinking of you and praying for you as you continue to grieve your loss. Lots of love to you guys.

  3. Lt. Col. Powell,
    Thank you for your dedication to our country and for serving the families of the Air Force. We were truly honored to have the Honor Guard be a part of dad's service.

    Thank you!

  4. EA - Thanks friend! It was a very special service.
    Love ya,

  5. as a daughter, i can't imagine the roller coaster of emotions..but as a wife of a Air Force Ceremonial Guardsman, i can tell you that it was OUR honor. i have been through 2 deployments, a pregnancy without my husband, lived more than 24 hours from my hometown and just thought i was experiencing life as a military wife. that was all until we came to dc and i got to see what being a military wife was really all about. thank you for honoring your dad and waiting in line to have him buried here. i hope that when you see him in Heaven, he can let you know how beautiful his view really was. sending my prayers from one military family to another for peace and comfort. your father is with his brothers once more.