Saturday, January 29, 2011

Made a Mess!

Cali is a professional mess maker!  Whether it is food, toys, dishes, toilet paper, or clothes Cali can make a mess.  We sometimes refer to her as Hurricane Cali because we can clean a room and 2 minutes later she has destroyed it!

Thursday night around 10:45pm Cali started calling for me from her crib.  She had been asleep since 8.  I found her in her crib saying, "Made a mess".  I went to pick her up but she felt wet - then I SMELLED it!  I threw on the light and say poor Cali sitting in a crib full of throw up.  It looked like she had gotten sick a few times poor girl!  She kept saying, "Made a mess, made a mess".  I got her calmed down and out of her messy clothes.  I stripped her crib and put everything in a plastic bag.  After calling "Super mom" (my sister) I was ready.  I called Nick and asked him to leave work early and grab some ginger ale on the way home.  Cali and I rocked in the recliner watching Elmo as I tried to get Cali to drink water.    Around 12:45am she was back in bed.

Friday she was good all morning.  Her appetite wasn't huge but that is understandable.  Nick called me at work around 3:15pm to let me know she was getting sick again.  This time Nick was holding her for part of it!  He did great keeping her calm and getting her clean.  I came home early from work to find them in the recliner covered in towels, "Just in case".  

Cali has been fine all day today.  She hasn't eaten too much but has done a good job drinking.  Since Cali was sick we had to miss our friend Spencer's 2nd Birthday party and pass on going out to dinner with family.   Hopefully tomorrow Cali will be back to 100%.  Pray she feels better and didn't share this bug with Nick and I!  We don't have to time throw up for 24 hours!

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