Monday, January 14, 2013

14 Month Twin Update

The twins are 14 months old today and they are walking!  The weekend of Christmas it just clicked for the twins.  They are walking everywhere these days!  They are also talking up a storm.  Words we can understand include: Momma, Dadda, Ball, Up, Down, Dog and Uh-Oh.

Here are cute pictures from dinner tonight.  Henry loves to smile!

Hannah was happy at dinner even with a pea in her hair!

 Picture time today was great for happy Henry but Hannah was not into playing ball.   When she smiles she fills the room but you have to work hard to get her to smile.

Henry 14 Months

Hannah 14 Months

Poor Hannah was done
Food - They drink whole milk and water from sippy cups.  They eat three meals a day and get one snack.  Favorite foods include: chicken, green beans, broccoli, potatoes, ground beef, noodles, dried apples, crackers, pancakes and french toast sticks.  Henry will eat almost anything you put in front of him.  Hannah is more picky so it can be a challenge to get her full.  
Sleep - They nap at 10am and 3pm.  They go to bed at 8pm and wake up around 7:00am.  The naps are 45 minutes to 2 hours long.  Henry normally sleeps longer than Hannah.  
Clothes - Hannah is in 9-12 and some 12 month.  Henry is in 12 month and 18 month size.
Weight -  Hannah 18 lbs 5 oz Henry 24 lbs 11 oz   Yes Henry is huge compared to Hannah!
Height - Hannah ___ inches Henry __ inches  
Diapers - Pampers size 3
Health - Hannah's Hemangioma meds are so going well.  The red spot is getting lighter.  Both of the twins have been sick in the last week.  Henry has RSV so he is coughing, sneezing and has a running nose.  Hannah had a stomach bug last Monday night which was so sad.  She also has a running nose.
Fun Facts - Henry has seven teeth and Hannah has 6.  They both wear size 5 shoe.  Hannah loves to play with a toy while she sits in your lap.  She is a big momma's girl right now.  Henry likes to play basketball.  He will put any ball he can find into the hoop.

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