Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

I wanted to share some photos from our fun Christmas festivities.

Christmas Morning

We started Christmas Eve at my mom's house.  We had dinner, celebrated my sister's birthday and Nana gave the kids their Christmas PJ's.

Christmas morning the kids tore into their presents.  Cali is a pro by now of opening a present, saying thank you and ripping into the next one.

The twins loved tearing the wrapping paper and pulling out the tissue paper!  The actually toys inside the boxes were fun too!

Nana and Henry playing with his new truck.

After brunch and the twins morning nap we drove to Nick's family.   This is a big lunch with lots of extended family so we meet at a fire station.  The fire truck was a big hit with the kids!  The kids get a few gifts and the adults do a Dirty Santa gift exchange that is always entertaining.

Maw Maw feeding Hannah

Cali sitting in the Fire Truck with Uncle Andy

Hannah, Cali, Henry and Leigha

Next we went over to Nick's mom's house for dinner and more presents.  The kids did great without their afternoon naps.  I think the excitement of presents and new toys kept everyone going.

Henry tearing into a present.

Cali in new PJ's riding Hannah's new horse.

The twins were passed out before we left Maw Maw's neighborhood.  It was a big day for everyone.

We had a wonderful Christmas and we're blessed to be able to see so many family members!  The kids had a blast and behaved wonderfully!  Nick and I talk all the time about how fun Christmas will be as everyone gets older.

I hope you made wonderful memories with your families!

Merry Christmas!

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