Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cali's First Hair Cut

Cali got her first hair cut today!  Her bangs were always in her face and she won't keep a bow in. We decided to take her to see our friend Caroline.  She used to be in Nick's youth group and now owns her own salon in downtown.
Cali before.  She is smiling at herself in the mirror.

The first official cut!  

You can tell Cali wasn't exactly thrilled about the process. 

Cali's view

Cali after.  The big differences are the bangs and the 1.5 inches Caroline took off the back.  Since Cali has curly hair you can't tell how long it is but she had some long pieces starting to stick out the back.

Cali did AWESOME!  She wasn't excited about it but she didn't cry.  She just sat in the chair trying to figure out what was going on.  As a treat for doing so well I gave her some candy corn (she LOVED them) and took her for a ride on the carousel.

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