Saturday, October 23, 2010

Enjoying a Saturday

We had a super fun Saturday!  Nick had to get some stuff done around the house so Cali and I left to get out of his way.  Our first stop was to Daisy Cakes.  We saw them on the Man vs. Food show on Travel Channel last night so I was intrigued.  Cali and I ate their vanilla cupcake to celebrate her 20 month birthday and brought their pumpkin spice and black and white cupcakes home to share with Nick.  They only sell their cupcakes on Saturday morning and they sell them out of "Sugar" their Airstream trailer.  Very cool atmosphere and a very fun mix of people there at 10am!

After enjoying our cupcake we went down to the Farmer's Market.  There was everything from homemade pasta to local cheese to collard greens.  I sampled a few items but only bought some yummy swiss cheese from a local creamery.  As we were walking around I spotted a food truck.  I have been trying to find one every since the Food Network show on food trucks.  It is called Only Burger.  There was a line for cheeseburgers at 10:45am!  So I figured they must be good.  Cali and I started with their fresh cut french fries.  The picture below shows Cali's hand all the way in the french fry bag.  She loved them and I have to say they were yummy!  Since the fries were so good I decided to get us some cheeseburgers and brought them home for lunch.

Once we got home we found Nick playing with the power washer he is borrowing from his mom.  He was cleaning our driveway.  It is one of those things that you don't realize how dirty something is until you start to clean in.  In this picture you can see the clear difference between the clean white area and the not clean brown area.  So if you visit our house soon make sure you compliment Nick on how white our driveway is.  He worked really hard on it.

While Nick power washed Cali and I played and went to the park.  Just another fun fall Saturday in the Jordan family.

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