Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nick' Appendix and Recovery

Monday Nick was experiencing a lot of abdomen pain. We ended up at the hospital around 9:45pm. I left as Nick was going into surgery at 5:30am Tuesday morning. Nick got to come home Wednesday at 11am. We were so lucky to have my Dad come and help with Cali while I took care of Nick and worked. We also had great friends who brought over food! Nick spent most of the week resting. He has been really sore and wiped out.

Today, Saturday, was the first day we were able to get out as a family. We took Cali to a park to try and get her tired. This was the first time she went to a park as a walking toddler. She loved it!
Then we went to the mall for lunch and to get a birthday present for a friend. Lunch was Five Guys burgers and fries! Yum-o!

We also hit target. The trip included Starbucks. Cali enjoyed my decaf carmel frappiccino.
After Cali and Nick took their afternoon nap we headed to meet Nick's brother and family for dinner. It was so fun to show off Cali walking. Cali and Leigha had a great time playing together. They even had a dance party in the parking lot.

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