Thursday, May 6, 2010

Messy Messy Messy

Cali LOVES to feed herself! She normally does a good job of eating most anything you put in front of her. The downside is that she also LOVES to put her messy hands and food in her hair.

We used to be able to give her a bath 2 times a week -she has had 4 baths in the last 5 days! It has just gotten to a point where it isn't worth fighting her to keep her hands out of her hair. We just let her do it, clean up what we can after and give her a bath before bed.

She had already had chicken pie for lunch today when she pointed to the cheese doodles Nick was eating. She had one in the mouth and one in the hair.

This is a close up of Cali's hair. This is what cheese doodles look like in hair.

This is the face she makes when she is proud of herself. She thinks it is hilarious to put her messy hands in her hair. I'm sure it is my fault for making a big deal out of it early on. Oh well. We'll just take lots of baths, I guess.

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