Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Cali Maple?

In the past 14.5 months we have had lots of people ask us how we came up with the name "Cali Maple" for our little girl. Basically we had a boy name already picked out so when the ultrasound said girl we were at a loss. We both wanted something that was different but meant something to us.

We went through baby name books and endless baby name websites. We were tossing around names when Nick said "What about Cali like California?". We both loved it! It was different but not too different. After talking with a few friends we decided it was perfect for us.

With Cali decided as the first name it was time to decide on a middle name. Our first thought was Rae. This is my middle name and also my dad's name, Ray. But after hearing it said together "Cali Rae" it just didn't sound right. Then we looked for a name that was tied to Nick's late father Henry Darrell. Nick's dad had a furniture frame business for over 15 years that Nick took it over in 2005. The wood they use is maple wood. I work for a landscape company and we plant lots of maple trees.

So Maple is a statement of where we were in our life when Cali was born. Nick was building furniture frames out of maple wood and I was working with a company planting maple trees. It is a nice way to pay tribute to Nick's dad and his work as well as remember what Nick and I were doing for a living at the time Cali was born.

Cali Maple

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