Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Nursery

Today was the first day that Cali went to our church's nursery by herself. For the past year Nick and I have taken turns entertaining Cali during church. We have been "those parents" that didn't put their baby in the nursery that I used to judge so much. Recently Cali and I have been playing in the nursery to build up to this point.

Why no nursery? Two reasons, since Cali hasn't been to daycare we have been afraid of how she would do in the nursery. She has had limited alone time with anyone besides Nick or I.
Second, we want to keep Cali healthy. Most of the kids in the nursery are in daycare and are exposed to tons of germs. We have been super afraid the other kids would want to "share" these germs with Cali.

So I dropped Cali off this morning and walked away. She did great! Her number did come up on the screen with about 10 minutes left in the service. I left the service and found her in the arms of the volunteer with red eyes. They said she did really great playing and even ate the snacks I packed for her. But toward the end she was done and started to cry. I got her calmed down and we went back into the nursery to play until the end of service.

I think she did fabulous for her first time in the nursery!

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