Saturday, March 6, 2010

Entertaining the Grandparents

Nick and I decided that Cali needed to entertain my parents for a few days this past week, so they stayed at our house from Tuesday night to Friday night. Actually Nick had a lot he had to get done at his work so staying home with Cali wasn't an option. Since my parents are retired/ in between adventures we asked them to help.

This is a big deal because it is the first time Cali spent the day with anyone besides Nick and me. Wednesday went great! Cali was in a good mood and played well. Nick and I came home for lunch to check on things, feed Cali and get her down for her nap (in her crib!). Thursday was a little harder because Cali was teething (low grade fever, runny nose, whiny) and Nick was in SC for a conference. Cali wasn't as pleasant but the grandparents made it through. Grandpa even got to experience holding Cali for her 2 naps. Friday was better than Thursday but not as good as Wednesday.

I was so proud of Cali, Grandpa and Grandma for making it through! There were some tears shed, some screaming and a migraine involved but everyone came out alive!

This gives us hope that Cali will be OK with other people watching her when needed.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Vitkus - you were a huge help this week!

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