Monday, March 29, 2010

A Show, Shoes, Slide

Cali has had a busy couple of days. My parents have been at our house most of last week and a few days this week to play with Cali while we worked. They took the weekend off to rest but were back Sunday night for more Cali time.

Cali had a play date last Wednesday with my sister and her son Michael. They came over to play with the grandparents. Cali and Michael got along well and even shared toys!

Saturday Cali and I spent the day at the Home Show in Greensboro. We had a booth set up for work so Cali and I were sales people. She was very friendly and welcomed everyone into our booth.

Sunday we went back to the show to meet up with Nick's Mom, Grannie, Ed and Darryl. We hung out there for a little while then went shoe shopping for Cali.
To keep Cali happy Grandma Jordan gave Cali her cell phone.
Stride Rite had a sale so Cali got 2 new pair of shoes courtesy of Grandma Jordan.

Then Grandma Kerry brought her another pair of shoes when they came Sunday night. So Sunday was new shoe day for Cali. Yeah for Grandparents!!

Grandma and Grandpa also brought this for Cali to play with from their house. A slide!

You can tell she loved it! It was funny how quickly she decided to try to climb UP the slide.

Sometimes I feel like Cali is a life size doll to dress up. Sunday was one of those days. She got this adorable dress from our friends for her birthday. I think she looks so cute in it. You can see from the picture she was not so excited about picture time.

She finally got happy when I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

She is clapping to the "Hot Dog" song.

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