Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toyland Visit

Nick had to work Saturday so Cali and I went to Toyland, aka my sister's house, for a playdate. We had a great time playing with Kimmie, Michael and Mary. They have an awesome backyard with a really fun swing set.

Cali tried to swing but wasn't impressed.

Her favorite part was the clubhouse under the slide. Michael wanted to play with us. You can see Kimmie on the swing in the right corner of the photo. She just learned how to pump her legs while swinging and was showing off her skills!

Cali sat in there for 15 minutes playing with the leaves. I'm pretty sure she ate a piece or two! This face kills me. I'm not sure why she looks surprised.

After playing outside we moved to the basement which is filled with even more toys! After a couple hours of playing we had lunch and headed home. Cali was so tired from all the playing she was asleep before we got out of the neighborhood.

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