Saturday, March 6, 2010

Big Girl!

Cali is becoming such a big girl! It seems like she turned 1 and things just started to click.
The first thing was eating real food not baby food. The night before her birthday I just made one dinner for all three of us! She was happy as can be eating chicken casserole!

We went out to eat last night and I ordered Cali a meal off the kids menu! This is her playing with the menu. She has cheese pizza and milk.

Next came naps. For some reason so has decided it is tolerable to take them in her crib! She isn't always happy about it, but she'll sleep for 1-2 hours in there. It is such a huge help to have those mini breaks during the day.

Then came the pulling up on EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe anymore. If she can pull up on it or climb up to it she will. She is so close to walking! She is cruising from one piece of furniture to the next.

We have such a big girl! A toddler - WOW!

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