Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dinner Parties

Cali is getting much better at dinner parties and going out to eat. We have figured out that if we want to have people over for dinner it is best if they come over around 5. That way they can see Cali awake and happy. We serve some appetizers and hang out. Around 6:30 I put Cali to bed and we enjoy a nice, quiet dinner with our friends. We pulled this off last weekend with our friends Jon and Cory. And again this past Friday night when we had our friends Alex and Sam over.

Dinner's out are best if they start at 4:30 and end around 6:30. That way we can get Cali in bed around her normal time. Tonight we meet Nick's family for dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate Jennifer's Birthday (sister-in-law). Cali did a great job of being sociable and playing on everyone's lap. We brought some food and snacks for her to eat but she was mostly interested in playing with people and her new toy from Grandma!

Tonight was the first time that we have eaten out where I didn't have to nurse her in a ladies restroom! Which takes talent and balance, by the way! She was so focused on people and the food that I didn't need to nurse her.

Some photos from our dinner.

Leigha and me playing with my phone. She wanted to see all the pictures of Cali I had on my phone. So fun!

Cali playing in Grandma's lap before dinner. She loves using a sippy cup.

Somehow Cali was able to grab an entire breadstick out of the bread basket. She did pretty well eating off of it. Here she is watching Leigha.

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