Sunday, February 14, 2010


Saturday Nick helped a family in our small group move so Cali and I went off to the Grandparents house to play. Mom and dad recently got a new puppy, Bonnie! She is a 15 week old West Highland Terrier. We had a Westie for 13 years who past away in October. Now that dad is doing so much better they decided it was time for a new dog. Enter Bonnie...
Cali and Bonnie didn't know what to do with each other. Cali is used to our 80 pound retrievers and Bonnie had never met a baby before. All of their interactions were controlled with one party on the floor and the other in someone's arms. It was hugely entertaining to watch them investigate each other. This picture kills me, Cali has her head tilted as she looks at Bonnie. Overall they played nicely and no one got hurt.

Cali also had fun playing with Grandma Kerry and Grandpa Ray. They took turns following Cali as she crawled around the house. Cali ate their magazines and pushed their laundry basket around the living room.

This is Mom and Cali playing with Grandpa Ray's Indiana Jones hat.

We had a fun day!

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