Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday Preparations

February is Cali's Birthday Month! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Birthdays! Nick never lets me make a fuss about his so now that I have Cali - it's on! I haven't gone too crazy yet but I am going to make Cali's first Birthday a big deal. And yes I realize she won't remember it.

Birthday preparations so far:
Changed the blog background to a birthday theme. I ordered really cute invitations that just come yesterday (see below). I ordered an adorable birthday cupcake dress for Cali to wear at her party with a special birthday bib. We even scoped out a bakery today that is going to make the cakes for her party. We did a little tasting of the cake and shared some with Cali. Nick gave her a small piece of cake and once she realized it was yummy she quickly opened her mouth for more! I can't wait for her to dig into her birthday cake at the party!
Still to do:
Work on decorations, finalize the menu and decide if and what to do about party favors. I have dreams of being "that" mom that makes the cute monogramed little gift bags for all the kids, but I don't have the talent or time to make that happen. So we'll see what we come up with!

Happy Birthday Month Cali! I can't believe you are almost 1 years old!

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