Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

We started our Halloween festivities on Monday at Trunk or Treat at Cali's play school.  Luckily it was inside due to the cold rainy weather.   Cali doesn't have class on Monday but parents were invited to bring the kids even if they weren't in school that day.  Cali was excited to go to school dressed up in her cat costume.  I just put the babies in their bear hats to make it easy.  She got to see her friends in their costumes and gave hugs to her little girl friends!  It was adorable!

Our bears and a cat

Cali and one of her friends, a lion. And yes that is his mom's hand making him stay for the picture!

The blur is Cali hugging one of her friends

On Wednesday Cali was beyond excited all day and kept asking Nick if it was time for us to go trick or treating.  She wore her costume all day and even put herself down for a nap because Nick told her we weren't going until after nap time!  When I came home from work she couldn't wait for us to go and was asking a million questions.  Holidays are so much fun with kids!

On Halloween we joined some friends from church to trick or treat in their neighborhood.  There were maybe 20 of us walking around the neighborhood.  It was super fun but chaos because this is a pretty popular part of town.  I bet there were over 300 kids walking around this one street!  Cali did great saying "Trick or Treat! Thank you!"  She was so excited every time someone gave her a piece of candy that she had to give us updates on how full her pumpkin was getting.  The twins stayed in the stroller for most of it and enjoyed their dinner while we walked around.

Back at our friends house the kids ate dinner and cooked s'mores.  It was getting late so we didn't hang around too long.  But we did get Cali a s'more.  She loved it!  Once we got home it was bed time but we did let her eat one of her treats.

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