Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Year Twin Update

Happy 1st Birthday to Henry and Hannah!!!
Today the twins turn one and we celebrate surviving the first year of their lives and look forward to the many years to come!

We are so blessed to have three healthy children to fill us with such joy!  Every day is something new and we are so proud of each of them.
Henry One Year Old

Hannah One Year Old

Food - Four bottles a day of formula (we plan to stop this in the next couple weeks) and three solid food meals.  They love to feed themselves.  Their favorite foods are pancakes, green beans, puffs, veggie chips and chicken. 
Sleep - They are still sleeping through the night!  They go down at 8pm and up at 7am.  They nap at 10am and 3pm.  
Clothes - Hannah is in 6-9 and some 12 month.  Henry is in 12 month size.
Weight -  Hannah 17 lbs 4 oz Henry 21 lbs 6 oz  Henry looks huge next to Hannah!
Height - Hannah 27.5 inches Henry 29 inches  
Diapers - Pampers size 3
Health - Hannah's Hemangioma looks so good and we are done with medicine at this point!
Fun Facts - Both babies can stand on their own and Hannah has even taken a few steps!  Henry has four teeth and Hannah has two.  Henry likes to cuddle, especially after a nap.  Hannah is our talker.  The only words we recognize are Momma and Dada.

They have come a long way in a year!
Hannah and Henry just born

Hannah and Henry a few days old

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