Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Fun and So Proud

Fall is just so fun!  Last Friday Cali and Nick worked on the raking the leaves.  Of course this lead to leaf jumping and other fun.  Here are some pictures from their adventure!

After I got home we took everyone on a wagon ride.  Cali is a wagon pro but it was the twins first time.    Henry just sat in the middle and smiled the whole time.  Hannah wanted to be on her knees and look around.

Cali loves to play with her art supplies.  She is getting better at working with scissors and glue.  On Tuesday she did one project on her own and one that I helped her with.  The project she did on her own she made for me and even put my name on it!  She wrote MOM all by herself!!  We were beyond proud of her.  
See the MOM?!  So proud!
The second project was a joint effort.  I wrote all the letters of the alphabet and cut them out.  Cali glued them all down in order with very little help!  We have a brilliant 3 year old!  She wanted to hang the picture in her bedroom.
The girl knows her alphabet!

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