Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Recap and Moving Up

Over the weekend we had a party at our wonderful friends, the Dickey's house.  It was a Halloween party so the kids got to dress up.  Cali was a cat, Henry was a pumpkin and Hannah was a flower.  They were all so adorable!  The party had a hayride and a little kid bouncy house.  We had a ton of fun and enjoyed spending time with friends.

Cali getting ready to go on the hayride with the other kids
 We put the twins, Cali and another little baby (8 months) in the bounce house together.  It was so cute to see the babies crawling around and laughing at Cali.

We also had to move all the kids up in car seats this weekend.  Cali is now in a big girl booster seat and the twins are in rear facing car seats instead of their carriers.  Everyone seems to enjoy their new seats!

I also wanted to share this fun picture of the "traffic jam" we had yesterday.  The twins are getting so close to walking!  They love to push around their toys.  To be honest I'm not looking forward to them walking because we will have three kids running in opposite directions and to be honest I'm just not that fast :)  Our house is about to get crazy!!


  1. Aww, such sweet costumes and cute kids! Isn't it sad how slow the 9 or so months waiting for them to get here is and how fast the months go after they arrive? I can only imagine the difficulty (and fun) of two babies learning to walk. I know you'll handle it all with grace! :-)

  2. Oh man have your kids grown up! I can't believe they are about to start WALKING! My babies are just starting to roll over, and I know they will be at the stage your sweeties are at in no time!

    I'm glad to see things are still going well for you and your family :)