Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkins and Musuems

Friday afternoon we loaded up and went to a local pumpkin patch.  Cali picked out her pumpkin in about a minute and a half.  She then helped the twins pick out their pumpkins.  She worked very hard to make sure the babies had the best pumpkins!
Cali with her pumpkin

Helping Hannah pick her pumpkin

Henry giving his pumpkin a taste

Hannah and her pumpkin
 Then Cali headed onto two mazes solo!  She didn't make a wrong turn in either of them and just walked through like it was nothing!  Nick and I were so amazed!  Fearless and so clever!
Hay bail maze - check!

Blueberry maze - check!
 We even attempted to get all 3 kids to sit for a photo.  This is the best one :)
Our three kiddos

After pumpkin fun we headed home for nap time.   Everyone woke up early and we decided we should go to the Children's museum in a bigger city about 40 minutes away.  Wow was it a hit!  They had a great area for the twins to crawl around and investigate lots of fun things.  The museum also had really fun stuff for Cali like a market, a Dr. office, a pizza parlor, a train, a plane, a fire truck, a police car....  It was a ton of fun and everyone had a blast.  After about an hour and fifteen minutes Henry crawled over to the stroller and climbed into his seat!  I took this as a sign that we were done.  So we gathered everyone up and headed out for dinner.
Hannah and Henry

Two Hannahs!

Henry the climber

Cali in the market
Saturday was another fun day with pumpkin carving and outings to Target and a restaurant.  Our town had the grand opening of a children's museum so we took the babies home to nap so Cali and I could check it out.  Since it was the first day it was packed - I mean fire marshall slowly letting people in packed.  Once Cali got over all the people she ran around and had fun.  We even saw some friends there.  It is a fun little museum but the one in the next town over is way better.
Dr. Cali

So with a pumpkin patch and two children museum visits we had a couple full days.   Sunday we had church in the morning and kids and I stayed home the rest of the day and played.

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  1. So cute! I cant wait to visit the pumpkin patch again this year!! :) You got some great pictures!