Thursday, October 4, 2012

Funny Kiddos

Here are some random photos and stories of our funny kids!

Henry is a climber.  And I mean he will climb into or on anything he can.  For example under the changing table

or on top of the desk!

Cali got something special this past week - her very own library card!  She is so excited.  Nick took her and they picked out five books.

Cali loves to build with legos.  Her main thing to make are towers.  She was so proud of this one she wanted me to take a picture of it!
 While I cook dinner I close the dog gate so the kids will stay in the "safe" play area.  And this is normally what ends up happening.  All three kids at the gate trying to get me to "free" them!  Too cute!

Sweet Hannah is still so laid back and calm.   She loves to play peek a boo.  She will hold up a blanket in front of her face, then drop it and smile.  I have video of it - so sweet.

She even likes to push her brother around on toys!

Having three kids three and under is crazy but it is also a lot of fun!

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