Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two weeks in

Our family of five has survived the first 2 weeks!  It has been a fun ride so far.  Sometimes it is hard, sometimes we get peed on, sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh and sometimes we all nap!

Hannah and Henry napping in their crib.  I love that Henry is smiling - what could he be dreaming about?
Cali has been amazing!  She has been such a big helper and loves her babies!  As she leaves for school in the morning she tells me to "Be careful with my babies, momma!"  I love how she loves them and has accepted them.  She is still the fastest to tell them apart.

Cali feeding Henry his "mommy milk" 
Nick is back working full time at church so I have had helpers here at the house with me.  It is super nice to have an extra set of hands with two babies and a toddler!  Another huge blessing is our wonderful church family has been brining meals.  This is something that really has a huge impact on me!  Trying to plan dinner in the midst of making sure babies are feed, clean, the toddler is happy and the house isn't a disaster is just one thing that I don't have time for.

The twins are back to their birth weights and eating only breast milk.  We are doing a mix of nursing and bottles.  They eat every 3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night (whenever they wake up).  They sleep well but not always when we want them to.  Henry had his nights and days off a few days this week.  It is amazing that Nick and I can function on so little sleep.

Henry sporting a mohawk after a bath

Hannah relaxing in the bouncer

For Thanksgiving we stayed home and had a small meal with just the 5 of us.  Nick's side came over Saturday for lunch.
Cali, Maw Maw, Leigha, and Henry

Hannah, Uncle Andy and Leigha

Friday we even managed to get our Christmas tree up.  Cali did a great job of decorating the bottom half.
Today is my first full day home by myself with the kids.  Luckily Cali is at play school this morning and Nick will be home to help for a little while at lunch.  Off to get some laundry folded before the twins wake up!  Wait - Henry's crying.  I almost got something done!


  1. Pam and Nick, You have such a beautiful family! Cali is such a wonderful big sister! God bless you and your family always! Love, Mr. and Mrs. Westen

  2. Thanks Diane! We are truly blessed!