Monday, November 7, 2011


We have had a big change here in the Jordan family.  Nick started a full time job in November and I went part-time.  This meant a switch in roles for both of us.  Nick has been home with Cali full time for the past 1.5 years and working at church part time.  While I've been working full time.  It was a big and difficult decision for us but we know that we are where we are supposed to be.

Last week's Dr. visit has moved up the arrival of the twins from 3 weeks to 1 or 2.  So we have been scrambling to get all the final details taken care.   The nursery is ready for twins and we only have a few more things to get.

Monday's are my full day to be home.  So Cali and I made the most of what may be our last full day as just the two of us!  After breakfast we headed to meet my sister for some baby shopping and lunch.

Cali was super excited to hang out with Aunt Mary.  They rarely get time to hang out together because there are always cousins and other family members around for distractions.

After nap time we played and hung around the house.
Cali was showing Jack her pluto dog and explaining to Jack that they were both dogs.  You can tell Jack was super excited.

Our afternoon activity was a haircut!  Cali's beautiful curls where getting out of control so we needed to get the hair trimmed.  She doesn't love getting a haircut but she will sit still for it.

The shorter and more controlled curly Cali.

We ended our day together with dinner at home and a frosty run.

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