Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Twins are Here!

The twins arrived safely on Monday November 14th via c-section.  Henry Allen was born at 10:39am and Hannah Bailey at 10:40am.  Both babies were 17 inches long.  Henry was 5 lb 9 oz and Hannah was 4 lb 6 oz.  Both babies are healthy and we had no complications.  Even though the babies were so small we were able to keep them in the room with us.  We were even able to take them home on my birthday, Thursday November 17th.
Hannah and Henry

Since home the babies have been eating well and sleeping like champs!  Nick and I have been able to share the feeding responsibility (the twins take bottles great!) and keep the babies on breast milk.  We are blessed with help from the Grandmas and friends bringing food.  We are on a 3 hour feeding schedule so we are pretty tired but try to nap when we can.

Cali holding Hannah

Cali hugging Henry

Big sister Cali is overjoyed with the new arrivals and has been super helpful!  She likes to help hold the babies, feed the babies and change the babies.  It is amazing that she can tell the babies apart better than the rest of us.

Our family of FIVE!

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