Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life and Science Museum

Nick had a youth event today so Cali and I headed to Durham for some fun!

We started at the Durham Farmer's Market.  We picked up some fresh veggies, a Gluten free brownie for me and a cupcake for Cali.

Then we went to the Durham Life and Science Museum.  Super fun!  We were able to see a ton of animals, walk around, climb things, get in things and even play with butterflies.  Cali had a blast and when we got home she said, "I'm sad.  I miss my butterflies."  I told her we would go back to see them!

Cali reviewed the map and decided we needed to go to the butterfly garden

The butterflies were her favorite!  Cali was a little concerned when one decided to land on her shirt though.  After taking a few pics I gently encouraged it to play with another child.

Next came the bear exhibit.  There were 2 black bears for us to watch.  Cali got a kick out of watching them swim in their pond.

Cali "The Bear" Jordan - The sound effect for this face is priceless!

Cali even played on the "bumpy" dinosaur.

The museum was a hit!  I highly recommend it and plan to take Cali back.  We spend almost 3 hours there and didn't get to see everything.  

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