Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Indiana Trip

Cali, Mom and I took a long weekend trip to Indiana to see family.  My great-aunt passed away at 96 years old.  The funeral gave us a good opportunity to make the trip and see lots of family.  We decided to fly up instead of take a 11 hour drive each way.  Cali did amazing!

Eating her sucker during takeoff

Great Aunt Janice, Cali and Great Uncle Clyde

Cali and Great Grandpa Pete
The dog she is holding Grandpa "bought" her with his bingo winning tickets.  He was very excited that he could get her something.

Dave, Beth, Wade, Aunt Louanne, Me, Cali and Nana
Louanne is mom's sister and these are three of her five kids. 

Victor, Beth, Cali and Me

It was good to be in Indiana, see lots of family, introduce Cali to everyone and spend time with mom.
Since I won't be traveling for a while this was my last big trip for a while.

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