Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nap Wars

Cali is currently waging a full scale war against naps! For the past 10 months Cali has enjoyed taking almost all of her naps in someone's arms. Most of them were enjoyed in Nick's arms in the recliner for 2 hours every afternoon. Well, Sunday we drew a line in the sand. No More!

The new plan is for Cali and I to go home at 11am each day for an early lunch. That way Cali will nap in her crib. I eat while she sleeps then head back to work once Nick gets home. She and Nick play until nap time then play till I come home. This may be the plan, but this is not what is happening!

The morning nap is going ok, but it is much shorter than we'd like (only 30-40 minutes). The afternoon nap is not going well at all. Poor Nick has to listen to her SCREAM for an hour before she wears herself out. Today she cried so much she started sweating. At that point Nick gave up and they just played. Cali got a total of 39 minutes worth of nap time in today.

Any suggestions? The girl needs to be napping in her crib for 1-3 hours a day at her age.

So far the score is Cali 3, naps 0!


  1. AHHHH. so hard. I know that must be so frustrating!!!! sleep training has made an old lady out of me. I will be praying for you guys! my one suggestion would be that even if it's going really crappy, don't let it consume you. I have done that at times and really let it steal my joy for life.

  2. You are so wise. I really let it get to me yesterday. Today she took a 1 hour and 20 minute nap! We'll see how the afternoon nap goes!