Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It always throws me off when Cali makes a big change. It seems like once we get a handle on life she goes and does something to change everything. I guess that is just how life will be from now on. Once I get a system and things organized - its all going to change.

Some recent examples:

The crawling was of course huge! I can't just put her on the floor while I get ready in the morning anymore. If I do she seems to find cords, shoes, trash cans, books and socks to put in her mouth. If I put her in the living room to play and walk into the kitchen to get something - she follows me! And we still have lots of "Cali Proofing" to do so there are still a number of not safe places to sit her down.

She has also changed her eating the past few days. She is all about feeding herself and only really wants food she can pick up and eat. Cali can kill a piece of toast (minus the crust) by herself in one sitting! She also loves the Gerber Puffs. So I'm working on making her food that she can feed herself. Today I tried: cheese (she only ate 1 piece), carrots (I didn't cook them right so they didn't work), and chicken (she got confused when it didn't dissolve but ate 2 pieces).

The other major change is Cali refusing her morning nap. She is now down to a 2 hour nap in the afternoon with Nick. This means she is awake with me from 6am (ish) to 1pm at work! As you can image the last hour or two she is not the happiest of campers! If she does take a morning nap it is only around 15 minutes.

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  1. so true. seems like just when I start to get the hang of our newest stage, they are on to something else! thanks for keeping us updated!