Saturday, September 5, 2009


We finally decided it was time to "help" Cali sleep through the night. She has been getting me up every 2-3 hours the past week or so and it has been making it really hard for me to function. 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night just isn't enough!

So with the suggestion of our pediatrician we went with the Ferber or Cry it Out method. I know a lot of people are firmly against it, sorry.

Friday night was "D-Day".

Here is how it went down:
9pm - Fed Cali rice cereal
9:15pm - Nursed Cali, read a story and sang a song
9:25pm - Lay awake Cali down in crib and leave, Cali cries
9:30pm - Pam checks on Cali - this made Cali scream louder!
9:35pm - Nick checks on Cali - Cali screams even louder!
9:42pm - Cali is asleep

2:17am - Cali wakes up, no crying, she goes back to sleep

3:14am - Cali wakes up, cries
3:19am - Nick checks on Cali - Cali cries harder
3:23am - Cali is asleep

5:10am - Cali wakes up, no crying
5:13am - Pam nurses Cali and changes her diaper
5:24am - Pam lays Cali down in the crib awake
5:24 and 30 seconds - After 30 seconds of crying Cali is asleep

8:30am - Cali is awake for the day

Overall not bad for our first night.

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