Thursday, September 24, 2009

7 Months Old

It is hard to believe our little girl is 7 months old! Yesterday was the official big day but it was a long, hard day so the blog update had to wait.

New tricks now that Cali is 7 months old:
- She can sleep all night long!! (8pm-7am)
- She can stay awake during the day for 4.5 hours without taking a nap
- She can sleep on her belly
- She can sit up like a champ!
- She can get places by rolling there (She discovered rolling is more fun than trying to crawl. We are working on it)
- EVERYTHING goes in her mouth
- She is eating 3 solid food meals a day plus nursing
- Some of her favorite foods so far are rice cereal, sweet potatoes and carrots
- Separation anxiety has set in - She screams if I leave the room!

Trying to get her to sit still for her 7 month photo shoot was difficult. Here is what I got!

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